The IoT (Internet of Things) platform designed specifically for your business

Automate your activities in no time.

Owly provides a simple drag-drop interface that allows you to easily connect your IoT sensors and devices to your business logic. View data as numbers, maps or graphs and add triggers to respond to certain conditions.

Get up and running in 3 easy steps:

1. Connect Devices

Owly makes it so simple you won't need to be an IT expert.

2. Visualise Data

Instantly see relevant real-time data in your dashboard and discover new opportunities.

3. Analyse & Automate

Create actions to respond to specific conditions, automatically.

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Discover IoT solutions around you.

Check out these examples:



Automate your home to regulate heating, light, kitchen appliances etc and adjust both indoor and outdoor devices according to your needs.



Prepare farming processes and crops with data on weather, soil moisture, humidity, and more to avoid damaging results to harvests and livestock.



Help patients keep doctors updated on their health conditions to anticipate medical decisions and emergencies.



Monitor machines, production lines and energy consumption that will reveal patterns to help maintenance teams improve productivity.



Detect early leakages, fires and break-ins remotely, either at home, an office or an industrial environment.



Use real-time data to track a fleet of vehicles and get alerts on road conditions, fuel levels, location and maintenance checkups to reduce costs and manage drivers more efficiently.